Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Asthma is a disease that was little known to myself and my husband. With four small children, we felt blessed that they were all healthy. Our son, who is number 2 out of 4, was constantly getting colds. I was a stay at home mother, so it wasn't like he was exposed to a lot of other children. My husband and I noticed that every time he got a cold, we wound up in the ER at the hospital. We would spend a night almost every time and they'd send us on our way. Over time, we became very concerned about how often he was sick and in the doctors office. My other children would get colds, but they would run their course and be fine, but not put in the hospital. Finally, I had to throw a huge fit. We were sent to OHSU and he was diagnosed with Asthma. We were just excited at that point to have some sort of course to take with him. Since then, four years later, he is on two daily breathing treatments and is doing remarkable. He plays sports, rides his horse, and helps with the hay and cows. Awareness is the key.

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